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Orthopaedic Sports Medicine is an orthopaedic practice specializing in orthopaedic, trauma and sports related problems in the knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, wrist, elbow and spine. We treat general trauma and orthopaedic problems and offer joint replacement and cartilage surgery.


The practice started operating in 2000 and is in its 15th year of practice.

We provide field and event cover for professional and amateur sporting teams including rugby, football, hockey, touch rugby, basketball and cricket. The practice is involved with a number of professional organizations and teams. We also provide services in relation pre-season medical screening as required by many sporting associations prior to start of a new season. The purpose of this screening is to identify any pre-existing injuries and advise sportsmen on injury prevention and appropriate medical or surgical management.

We provide personal injury and workman compensation assessments and independent specialist medical reports on a case by case basis.

Charges 2017
Orthopaedic Sports Medicine provides comprehensive care for all orthopaedic and trauma related conditions, specializing in sports injuries and Arthroscopic Surgery. We work closely with a team of experienced sports and manipulative physiotherapy clinics and sports-related specialists for ancillary services.

Please note that we are an independent practice and not affiliated with any insurance company or provider. We merely facilitate approval process from the insurance companies on behalf of patients to assist them in their claims.

We do not see patients under BUPA and we are not in the approved list of doctors for Shenton insurance so please contact them for approval before seeing us. We cannot be held responsible if you are not eligible for reimbursement for our services.


It is ultimately the patient's responsibility to ensure that they are adequately covered for our services.  We are more than happy to provide an estimate for this purpose should you require one.


Our Charges (excluding a GST of 7%)


First Consultation $200 - 300
Second Opinion $280 and above
Follow-Up Consultation $100 - 150
MRI Scan Per Region $1,500 and above
Cortisone Injection $400


Our out-patient charges must be paid on the day of service and we are not able to provide credit or bill insurance companies for these expenses.

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